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What Are The Selection Criteria That Student Housing The Hague Applies?

You have found accommodation at Student Housing the Hague and want to inquire about the selection criteria.

Selection Criteria
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Do I Need To Pay A Security Deposit For Booking My Accommodation?

I am interested in booking accommodation with you. However, I would like to know what the deposit is and when I need to pay this.

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How Long Can I Stay?

I want to stay for five months. Is this possible?

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When Is The Deadline For The First-Term Rent Payment?

When should I make the first-term rent payment after completing my booking?

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When Will The Deposit Be Refunded?

I had my Check-out 5 days ago but I did not receive my deposit yet.

Finances Legal
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As A Student Renting From Student Housing The Hague, Why Am I Required To Provide A Guarantor Within The EU?

You have found an accommodation at Student Housing the Hague and want to inquire about the requirement of providing a guarantor within the EU.

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What Is A Valid Proof Of Deregistration And Why Do I Need It?

I am checking out soon and need to show valid proof of deregistration. What does this mean?

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Which Kind Of Accommodations Do You Provide?

I would like to book an accommodation, but I am unsure of what the differneces are between the type of accommodation.

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Is There Bed Linen And Towels In My Accommodation?

I am checking in soon but beddings and towels are quite heavy. Do I need to bring my own or do you offer any beddings and towels?

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Can I Bring My Own Furniture Into The Accommodation?

I have my own desk and desk chair. Can I use them instead of the present furniture?


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