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When Is The Deadline For The First-Term Rent Payment?

The first-term rent payment must cover a minimum of one full calendar month. For instance, if the tenancy begins on the 18th, the first payment should include both the remainder of that month and the entire following month.

Ideally, it’s best to make the payment as soon as possible to expedite the scheduling of your check-in, as our schedule can fill up quickly. If you finalize your booking by signing the tenancy agreement, paying the deposit, and making the first-term payment within 4 days of you receving the tenancy agreement, and we fail to schedule your check-in the next business day (if your start date has passed already), we will not invoice you for the remaining days until your actual check-in date.

However, if you do not finalize the booking within 4 days, the check-in will take place within 3 business days after receiving your first-term payment. If we fail to provide you with a check-in date within 3 business days, we will also not invoice you for the remainder days until the actual check-in date.

Any rent adjustments will be made with the rent of the following month.

Keep the following timeline in mind:

  • Sign contract < 72 hours by tenant.
  • Sign contract < 1 business day (24 hours) by landlord.
  • Transfer the first term rent (this is one month rent or remainder month + 1 full month rent). Any differences due to a partial month will be adjusted in the following month's invoice.

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