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Can I End/Terminate My Contract Earlier Than The End Date?

Depending on your type of contract and the agreed conditions, you can or cannot end your contract before the end date.

Definite Contract

If your contract mentions a definite period, it is possible to cancel your contract with a one calendar month notice. In order to protect the rights of tenants, by law (Section 7:271.3 BW) it is regulated that this notice should be in writing and delivered through registered mail or by bailiff (not e-mail). Therefore, providing a notice through an email or unregistered letter is not according to the law and not sufficient. Also, if the contract holds more than one person as a tenant, the notice should be signed by all people indicated as tenant on the contract.

Indefinite Contract

If you are leasing an accommodation for an indefinite period, probably a minimum contract period is concluded. In that case, it is not possible to end the contract by yourself.

However, it is possible to contact us and discuss ending your contract pre-maturely through a termination agreement.

You should send the notice to the contract manager, which in some cases is Student Housing The Hague, but in some cases is somebody else. You can find the contact details of the contract manager in your signed contract.

What do you need to mention in your registered letter?

  • Date per when you'd like to terminate.
  • Signature of all tenants in case you rent an entire apartment, otherwise only your signature of your renting an individual room.
  • The address of the accommodation in question.

Other information

Please take into account that we plan the pick-up of the letters, once, at the end of every month (the last day); this is to prevent missing out on registered letters coming in right after we picked it up.

In case Student Housing The Hague is the contract manager, you must send the registered letter to the following address:

Box 8585 (very important to mention this!!)

Rijn 12

2491 BG The Hague

Please enter a valid email address.


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