At What Date And Time Is The Check-Out Scheduled?

On the end date of your contract between 09:30 AM - 12:30 PM on office days, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM on Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.

It may be possible to hold Check-Outs on a earlier date than your end date of the contract. The date and time will be subject to our availability.

Kindly take the following into account:

If you are delayed for any reason, notify us by e-mail with a minimum of 48 hours prior notice, and we will arrange a different date and time. Kindly note the rates applicable if your contract does not end on a holiday or on a Saturday or Sunday, but you would like us to arrange the Check-Out for you on such a day. You can find the rates applicable here.

Taken into account where the Check-Out takes place and who is present, it goes without saying that in the case of co-living, we cannot check-in or out too late as we have to take the privacy and living pleasure of other housemates into consideration.

*It may be possible to hold check-in/outs in a different time frame than the ones mentioned above, but it will be subject to an additional fee of €60,00 excl. VAT. The date and time are in consultation with Student Housing The Hague.

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