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When Will The Deposit Be Refunded?

Within 31 days (one month) after the end of contract. The reimbursement of the deposit will take place utmost within 31 days (one month) after the end of contract, as long the following has been met:
  • All the necessary documents and keys were presented at or before the end date of your contract.

  • You have confirmed your bank account number. If you have not yet responded to the email requesting your confirmation to which IBAN bank account the funds need to be transferred to, we urge you to do so as soon as possible by replying to this message and mentioning the bank name, account holder, IBAN bank account number and the BIC/SWIFT of your bank.

  • We have received a proof of de-registration or registration elsewhere. (does not apply for short stays)

  • There are no outstanding legal issues.

  • The time frame of 31 days starts when the last issues (if there are any) are resolved. Please take into account, if you check-out during high-season the reimbursement might take longer due to the high amount of students checking out in the same period.

The reimbursement amount in debit or credit will be recalculated with your deposit. You will receive an credit invoice regarding the reimbursement of the deposit.

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