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Why Does Student Housing The Hague Require A Copy Of My Bank Card For Refunds?

In accordance with EU regulations and anti-money laundering practices, financial institutions or real estate agencies like ours must ensure that funds are transferred only to the rightful owner. To verify this, we require a copy of your bank card showing your name and IBAN clearly visible. This allows us to confirm that the name on the bank card matches the name associated with the provided bank account number.

If you prefer not to provide a copy of your bank card due to concerns about fraud or other reasons, we offer an alternative method. You can transfer a transaction of 0.01 euro cent to us from the specified bank account number. This allows us to verify the name associated with the bank account without needing to see your bank card.

For more information on the requirements for preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, please visit the Dutch government's website on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism: Frequently Asked Questions about WWFT.

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