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We Want To Book An Apartment As A Group. What If We All Have A Different Arrival Date?

We are booking an apartment for 1 August, but I won't arrive until 27 August. Can I get a rent reduction?

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How Does "The Welcome To NL"-Booking Process Work?

I want to book an "Welcome To NL"-accommodation, how does this work?

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How Does The Booking Process Work?

I would like to know how it works to book accommodation with you?

Apartments Booking
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We Are A Group, And We Are Renting An Apartment. Can We Pay Each Our Share Of Rent?

We are renting an apartment and would prefer to pay our share instead of having one person pay the total sum. Is this possible?

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Can I Visit Your Office So You Can Help Me Find Accommodation Or So You Can Answer Some Of My Questions?

I am looking for housing but it's so difficult. Can I come to the office, so we can check the options and book with you? I have some questions and would like to drop by the office to ask them. Is this possible?

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What Is A Homestay a.k.a Live-In Accommodation?

I am interested in a room, but it says homestay / Live-In. What is such an accommodation and does it have a different procedure?

Booking Homestay
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Can I Sign The Tenancy Agreement For A SHH Partner Accommodation Without A Student Housing Hunter Contract?

I filled out an interest form for a place and it's now asking me to pay upfront and then a monthly fee to Student Housing Hunter. I just want to sign the lease for the room I filled out the form for. How can I sign without this Student Housing Hunter contract?

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How Can I Secure My Booking? / What Does Reserved Mean?

You are very interested in a listing but are concerned about losing the accommodation since we operate on a first-come, first-served basis.


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