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Can I Visit Your Office So You Can Help Me Find Accommodation Or So You Can Answer Some Of My Questions?

We represent landlords, and therefore don't require any agency fees from the (prospective) tenants.

It would be very inefficient if every person who is looking for housing would come to our office, and, not forget to mention, it would increase the workload whilst we do not get paid for this service. We would not be able to do our work properly as we would never have enough capacity to provide this kind of service to every person, free of charge.

Therefore, we always recommend you to take a look at our listings: https://studenthousingthehague.com/listings/ and contact us, preferably by sending as one e-mail because our inbox would be flooded if everyone would send a contactform for 5-10 different accomodations. As we have (ofcourse) many templates with loads of information and have our booking process automated, this works very efficient for us.

If you have any questions, please send them by e-mail to us so we can send you the proper FAQ to answer them or we can schedule a call to discuss them. This works the most efficient for both parties.

If you wish to visit us for advise or help with finding housing, you can book a 'Student Housing Consult'. More info regarding that can be found here: 'I Would Like To Book A 'Student Housing Consult'.

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