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I Would Like To Book A 'Student Housing Consult'.

The housing market is overwhelmed at this moment. The accommodations are booked before you know it, and before you know it, the new schoolyear is already starting.

If you need any help with housing or understanding your rights as a tenant, you can book a 'Student Housing Consult'. The hourly rate for this consult is 150 EUR., and it is possible to bring along up to 3 other people. The starting rate is one hour, even if you stay less than one hour. After this hour, you will be charged per 15 minutes (e.g. 22 min will be charged as 30 min).

Anything regarding finding housing and rental law can be discussed during this 'Student Housing Consult'. Depending on your topics, you will be having your consult with our lawyer, specialised in rental law or with our 'student housing specialist & educator avoiding scams on the rental market and tenancy law'.

Find some examples of the discussable topics here: 'How To Find Student Housing On A Budget' or 'Student Housing Laws And Regulations'. You can choose and mix the topics for the 'Student Housing Consult'.

E-mail to help@shth.nl to book your 'Student Housing Consult'.

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