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What Is A Homestay Accommodation?

Homestay accommodations are accommodations that are shared with the landlord. At a homestay accommodation, you have your private room or floor. Some homestay accommodations are suitable for couples or two persons, and other accommodations are for one person. It will be mentioned in the advertisement.

The landlord can be a student, a family or a couple. With Homestay accommodations, the house rules may differ from the standard house rules. As you will be living with the landlord, they can request different rules such as: taking shoes off before entering the accommodation, no showering after midnight because it will disturb the landlord or its family, no loud music after a certain time and so on.

More information about the landlord, house rules and requests are visible in the advertisement on our website or is available upon request.

About the renting procedure: Unlike the procedure with regular apartments or rooms, it is not necessarily first-come, first-serve. The landlord always has the final say in who rents the apartment, because they will be living with the tenant. We will always provide your profile, along with others (if available), to the landlord and they get to decide whom would be a good match to stay in their home.


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