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How Does The Booking Process Work?

Booking process

The booking process consists of the following steps. These steps can be completed within a day (depending on how fast you respond).

  1. Take-in Form We will send you a link with a Take-In form regarding your application. You can fill in the form through your web browser. By filling in this form, neither you nor Student Housing The Hague is committing to any legal agreement. This form is only for preliminary reasons. At the end of the Take-In form, you will be requested to make a down payment of €50 towards the deposit.
  2. General Terms & Conditions Shortly after you have finished the Take-In form, we will start validating the provided documents. In the meantime, you will receive an email with important documents including the General Terms & Conditions, House rules, and other annexes to the tenancy agreement.
  3. Draft Contract Once the provided documents and data have been checked, your tenancy agreement will be sent to you digitally, along with the request to read it carefully and if you agree with its contents, sign digitally.
  4. Finalising Once the contract has been signed by you, the following steps have to be completed in order to finalise the contract:
  • The deposit must be paid immediately;
  • Your guarantor will receive a Guarantor Agreement that needs to be signed;
  • Single User's Statement needs to be signed;
  • Declaration of Sustainable Housing needs to be signed;
  1. Signed Contract Once the above-stated steps have been completed, you will receive a signed copy of the tenancy agreement per email.

Terms of cancellation and reimbursement (per person)

You hereby commit to sign or cancel the contract within 72 hours after you have received the contract. Kindly note the following; Should the booking process be cancelled by

I) us before the 72 hours have expired, the €50,-- EUR down payment will be refunded within 14 days after the cancellation takes place.

II) you before the 72 hours have expired, you will be charged €25,-- EUR administration costs.

III) you after the 72 hours have expired, the €50,-- down payment will not be refunded.

Terms and agreements regarding the online forms/take-in form process can be found here.

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