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Which Extra Costs Can I Expect With An Excl. Rate?

You can expect an amount of approx. €140 for private bedrooms and around €335 for a whole apartment.

When the price is excl, it means that only the monthly fixed costs are included, such as flat rate and furniture. You can expect an extra amount of around €140 (private bedrooms) for advance payments such as internet, taxes, gas, water, electricity and levies. However, when renting a short-stay room, the extra amount is approx. €115 because there are no taxes involved when booking a short-stay. Renting a whole apartment comes down to approx. €335

➡️ When renting an apartment with students, you may be eligible for municipality tax exemptions 🙌🥳. This could save you €25 per person per month.

These costs are different for each accommodation, but a break-down of these costs can be found in your rental agreement.

Good to know; 💡

You will receive an annual settlement for all advance payments at the end of the year, or your stay, whichever comes first. The actual costs depend on your actual usage. If you have spent more on e.g. the utilities than the advance payments, you will have to make up for the difference. If you have spent less than your advance payments, you will get a refund.

It is forbidden by law to rent out with a fixed all-in rental price. It is not allowed by law for agencies and landlords to make a profit on utility costs, as we want to be as transparent as possible, we have separated these costs in the rental contract.

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