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Are (Online) Viewings Possible?

How can I view the accommodations?

You have several options to view our accommodations:

  • Attend a group viewing if available.
  • Watch the video tour of the accommodation, which can be found on our website.
  • Request a personal viewing of the property.

Are in-person viewings always possible?

In-person viewings are typically arranged when an accommodation becomes vacant and ready for occupancy. However, high demand for housing often results in accommodations being booked before they become available, making in-person viewings less common.

We do schedule Open House Viewings for vacant apartments upon the landlord's request. These viewings cater to multiple individuals simultaneously, optimizing efficiency. Details about such viewings will be communicated via email, newsletters, social media, or the listing page.

You can also explore accommodations through virtual/video tours for added convenience.

Can I request a viewing?

To schedule a property viewing, please complete the take-in form, which includes a €50.00 down-payment. More information about this process can be found here.

Tenant-Requested Viewings: It's important to note that the viewing process is initiated by the tenant, not the landlord. Consequently, we conduct viewings on behalf of the tenant, which incurs administrative costs that cannot be covered by the landlord.

Ensuring Serious Interest: Requiring a down-payment helps ensure that individuals requesting viewings are genuinely interested in the property. It demonstrates a tenant's commitment to the viewing process.

Preventing Abuse: This policy helps prevent individuals from recklessly requesting viewings for multiple properties. Each viewing requires preparation and time, and this approach allows us to manage requests efficiently.

Administrative Costs: In cases where a tenant decides not to proceed with the booking after the viewing, we refund 25 EUR of the down-payment while retaining 25 EUR to cover administrative expenses.

In summary, this policy streamlines the viewing process, saves time for all parties involved, and ensures dedicated attention to tenants genuinely interested in our properties.

Important Note: The take-in form should be completed individually, not as a group. Additionally, if we receive multiple requests for personal viewings of the same accommodation, it's possible that the same viewing will be scheduled with multiple individuals.

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