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Are (Online) Viewings Possible?

You can attend a group viewing or watch the video viewing of the accommodation if it is available on our website.

In general, viewings are only held as soon as the accommodation in question is vacant and available. However, due to the high demand for accommodation, many accommodations are booked before the availability date before any viewing took place. Therefore, viewing in person is not always possible. We also offer live video viewings, so you can view the accommodation in real-time, ask questions, and chat with our staff.

School year 2023-2024

Viewings for available accommodations for the school year of 2023-2024 cannot be scheduled individually due to the high demand for housing. Accommodations are often rented out before any viewings can take place and therefore Open House viewings will only be held based on availability. If you are interested in attending an Open House viewing, we recommend keeping an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on which accommodations will be available for Open House viewings. This will allow you to stay informed and have the opportunity to view the accommodations when possible.

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