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Are Viewings Possible?

Viewing Options and Policies:

Please note: We do not conduct viewings while properties are occupied. Viewings are scheduled only when the properties are vacant.

How can I view the properties? There are several ways you can explore our properties, each designed to help you make an informed decision:

  • Watch a Video Tour: These are available on our website and provide a convenient and detailed overview of the property from any location.
  • Request a Personal Viewing: This option offers a deeper, more personalised look at the property, available either in person or digitally.

Are personal viewings always possible? We do our best to accommodate personal viewings, depending on the property's availability. Due to high demand, properties may be booked quickly, often before becoming vacant, which could limit the opportunity for personal viewings.

Viewing Commitment Fee Explained:

We have introduced a commitment fee of €50 (per viewing, per person) to enhance the arrangement and execution of viewings. This fee signifies the serious interest of potential tenants and ensures each viewing is well-organized and meaningful.

  • Upon Successful Viewing and Booking: If you decide to proceed with a booking after your viewing, the €50 commitment fee will be fully refunded after finalising the booking.
  • If Someone Else Books the Accommodation: If another party finalises the booking for the property, we will refund your commitment fee, recognizing that you can no longer finalise the booking process due to the accommodation already being taken.
  • If You Did Not Show Up for the Viewing But Decide to Proceed with the Booking: If you miss the scheduled viewing but later choose to proceed with the booking and finalise it, the commitment fee will be refunded. This ensures that your commitment to the property is acknowledged, even if unforeseen circumstances prevented your attendance.
  • Decision Not to Proceed After Viewing: If you choose not to proceed with the booking after the viewing, a partial refund of €25 will be issued. The remaining €25 covers the administrative costs of arranging the viewing and the transaction fees of the payment provider.
  • In Case of No-show Without Follow-Up: If you do not attend the scheduled viewing and do not proceed with a booking, the commitment fee will not be refunded. This policy encourages responsible scheduling and values the preparation involved.

Cancellation Policy*

  • Full Refund: Cancelling viewings with a full refund is permitted if the cancellation is made at least 24 hours before the scheduled viewing time. A €5 fee will be charged to cover the transaction fee from the payment provider.
  • Partial Refund: Cancelling viewings with €25 is permitted if the cancellation is made at least 3 hours before the scheduled viewing time.
  • Decision Notification: Inform us within 24 hours of your viewing decision to qualify for full/partial refund. Decisions made after 24 hours do not qualify for any refund.

How to Request a Viewing

To schedule a viewing, please reach out to us by email at help@shth.nl or via WhatsApp at +3175680708, providing:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • The address or name of the property you’re interested in
  • Preferred dates for the viewing
  • Preferred times for the viewing

This allows us to tailor the viewing to your needs. After we process your request, a link to pay the commitment fee will be sent to you.

Tenant-Requested Viewings: Remember, viewings are a service for tenants, and the associated costs are not covered by the landlord. This approach ensures we can dedicate necessary resources to genuine inquiries, reducing speculative or non-committal requests and maintaining the integrity of the viewing process.

Important Note: Viewing requests should be made individually. If multiple requests for the same property are received, we may organize a group viewing to accommodate all interested parties, ensuring a fair and efficient process.

Introducing a commitment fee for viewings aims to optimize the process, focusing our attention and resources on those genuinely interested in finding their next home with us. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and look forward to helping you find the perfect property.

*Cancellations needs to be done in writing by e-mail to help@shth.nl

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