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What Is The "Welcome To NL" Offer?

The "Welcome to NL" offer is an exclusive package designed for first-time students in the Netherlands, offered in partnership with Student Housing Hunter.

What services are included in the "Welcome to NL" offer?

The "Welcome to NL" offer includes the following services:

  1. Translation Support: We provide Dutch tenancy agreements and terms for legal reasons. Student Housing Hunter (SHH) can assist with translations to ensure you fully understand the terms. Please note that Dutch contracts remain legally binding.

  2. Registration Support: Assistance with the registration process and support with tasks such as banking, finding a family doctor, obtaining a Dutch SIM card, etc. SHH also guides you through de-registration processes when necessary.

  3. Additional Assistance: Apart from translation and registration support, the package may offer further assistance tailored to the needs of international students. For specific details, please refer to the Student Housing Hunter website.

Are there any additional costs associated with the "Welcome to NL" offer?

While the advertised price for the "Welcome to NL" offer includes the Student Housing Hunter fee, additional charges may still apply for furniture, utilities, internet, and other amenities. These costs are not included in the advertised price, on the SHTH-website, and will be specified separately in the tenancy agreeement, as with regular offers. For an estimated breakdown of these extra charges, please visit our FAQ page here.

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