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Can I Be My Own Guarantor

Q1: Can I be my own guarantor?

No, you cannot designate yourself as the guarantor. A guarantor must be a separate entity or individual who agrees to act as a financial backer on your behalf if necessary. Providing false information in this regard will be considered fraudulent.

Q2: Why can't I guarantee myself?

Guaranteeing yourself defeats the purpose of having a guarantor, which is to have a separate party or person who can provide financial support if required. It ensures the validity of the guarantee.

Q3: What happens if I enter my own information as a guarantor?

Entering your own information as a guarantor will be considered fraudulent. It is essential to designate a legitimate, separate guarantor to maintain the integrity of the guarantee process.

Read more about the terms & conditions of the take-in form in case you provide false information.

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