Here you have the opportunity to apply for an available accommodation. You will be requested to add your personal contact information & details, as well as upload required application documents.

  • As part of our booking process, candidates are required to pay a non-refundable contract fee of 85 EUR. This fee covers administrative costs associated with finalising the booking and is collected on behalf of the landlord. Please note that the contract fee is non-refundable except in cases where the accommodation becomes unavailable due to prior booking by another party before the finalization of your booking. In such instances, the contract fee will be refunded in full. Read more about the booking process here;

  • Rental rates displayed on our website is only the flat rate. Additional costs for furniture, utilities, internet, and other amenities are not covered. Click here for the estimated additional utility costs for the type of accommodation you are applying for.

  • If you are applying for an apartment as a group, please ensure that each of your fellow roommates individually fills out this Take-in form. Kindly forward this form to them to complete.

  • All of our accommodations are exclusively for international students (non-Dutch passport holders). Applicants are required to provide proof of enrolment with an educational institution upon check-in.

  • By completing this form, you acknowledge that the following General Terms and Conditions of the Take In Form are applicable.

  • Providing incorrect data may result in rejection with no refund.

After sending this form to us, you can expect an answer within 48 hours during weekdays, 72 hours during weekends.

If you stumble upon any questions while filling in this form, make sure to contact us per telephone +3170 568 0807 for immediate assistance or e-mail us at

Keep in mind that there is no legal agreement made by filling in this form.